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1.  Brandon is crazy

2.  Mike is funny

3.  Robby hates me

4.  Taylor will destroy Joe one day

5.  Joe will get destroyed by Taylor

6.  Mamadou does not like to be called Do Do

7.  Ryan, well, he is just off

8.  Adam is very tall

9.  Terrell and Tim are besties

10.  Ashley puts up with so much in class, she will go crazy soon

11.  Paul never speaks and could be on fire and not tell us

12.  Kevin, UGH

13.  Kenny love the country of Croatia

14.  JROD, what a stupid nickname

15.  Greg, is he even in this class

16.  Rachael is smarter than me, she should be teaching us

17.  Matt does not hide his phone very well

18.  Mosha Mosha Mosha, he talks to himself

19.  Ryan is brilliant sometimes

20.  This classroom has no windows

21.  Becca is my best friend

22.  Alliu